WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014

A lot of exciting news from Apple at the WWDC last week! The next version of iOS was announced with many new features. Probably the biggest news was the new programming language, named Swift. iOS 8 will be available to the public in Fall 2014. Until then, I’ll be getting more familiar with iOS 8 and maybe we can use some of its new features in our apps. For more information on iOS 8, please visit https://www.apple.com/ios/ios8/.

Below are some notes of the upcoming iOS 8.

Family Sharing

  • Up to six people in your family can share purchases from the App Store without sharing accounts.
  • Family purchases can be made with the same credit card.
  • Can approve a child’s spending from a parent’s device.
  • Enable “Ask to Buy” to require your child to get permission before making purchases.

App Bundles

  • A number of new features are coming to the App Store, including the ability for developers to sell bundles of apps at a discount.
  • Maybe we will see a bundle of RWH Technology apps.

HomeKit & HealthKit

  • HomeKit will make it easier for developers to create apps for you to control devices around your house. Devices may include lights, heating, doors, etc.
  • HealthKit is a platform for integrating all your health and fitness data in iOS.
  • Both HomeKit and HealthKit have a lot of potential for helping those with disabilities.


  • Swift is a new, modern programming language for iOS.
  • Includes features to make code more expressive. This gives the programmer more flexibility in design.
  • Is a safer language, so fewer errors and therefore fewer crashes and bugs.
  • The interactive playground will be great for those learning how to program. Students can type code and immediately see results.

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