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Welcome to the re-designed RWH Technology web site! The previous design served us and our customers well for over a year, however it was time for a change. Some limitations of the previous design were hindering our ability to provide information about our company and apps. These limitations are listed as follows:

  • Site did not scale well to mobile phones. For example, on an iPhone, the text was very small, unless you zoomed in.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was not great for the entire site. SEO refers to how visible the web site is in the search results from a search engine (Google, Bing, etc).
  • No central “Home Page”. In the previous design, http://www.rwhtechnology.com would redirect to http://www.rwhtechnology.com/speakcolors. This would not be acceptable if we were to add more apps.
  • Disorganized Categories and Tags in the blog, making it difficult to find things.
  • No site-wide search. Search was limited to the blog.

The new design addresses all of the limitations of the previous design.

  • The new design uses responsive design, which means that the text, images and layout scales much better from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop screens.
  • The entire web site is now running within the blogging engine “WordPress”. This should help the search engines index the web site and improve our SEO.
  • We now have a central home page at http://www.rwhtechnology.com. No more re-direct!
  • Cleaned up the Categories and Tags in the Blog.
  • Since the whole site runs within WordPress, we now have site-wide Search

There are still a few minor quirks to the new design and we are working on getting those fixed.

I hope you like the new design. These changes will allow us to provide you with better information about us and our apps. Thank you for reading.

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