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Speech Cards Tutorial – Part 1

This is a tutorial for the Speech Cards app. Speech Cards is an easy to use, customizable and versatile app for improving speech and language skills. Speech Cards is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store. In this tutorial you will learn about the basic functionality of the app. This tutorial uses the iPad version of the app in the examples. A future tutorial will show how to customize.

Speech Cards - Home

Speech Cards Professional includes 4 decks of cards. On the Home Screen, press on a deck to select it. Multiple decks can be selected. Swipe left or right to navigate to additional decks if they have been added.

StudentsScores for up to 30 students can be tracked. Students can be added and selected on the Students Screen. Press the blue Students button at the bottom of the Home Screen to show the Students Screen.

StartWhen you have selected your students and decks of cards, press on the green Start button to begin the session.

Speech Cards

Each card shows text and a picture. Press on the text or picture to play a voice recording. In the example above, the voice recording will say “dog”.

Practice speakingAt the bottom of the screen is a microphone to record your student practicing their speech.

Listen to Practice RecordingsTo the right of the microphone is a button for playing back the student’s practice recording. Please note that the play button is hidden until a recording is made with the microphone.

Navigate to other photos by swiping left or right on the screen or by pressing the left or right arrow buttons.

Speech Cards - Multiple Students Per Session

Student SelectorSpeech Cards Professional supports multiple students per session. Click on the person button in the upper right to quickly change students.

Keep score for each student. Full, zero and partial marks can be given.

Full Score Zero Score Partial Score

Practice speakingStudent practice recordings are automatically saved to the report for the session.

Speech Cards - Session Summary

At the end of the session, a Session Summary is displayed showing the students and their scores.

Speech Cards - Detailed Reports

View Detailed Session Reports for each student. Add notes and listen to practice recordings. Reports can be e-mailed as a PDF. Access this screen by pressing the Reports button on the Home screen.

Thank you for reading. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for some additional information. Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Free Deck to Practice Describing and Categorizing Skills

Practice describing - A pig, cow and a horse are

One of the best features of Speech Cards is that you can share your creations with others and expand your library of cards. This video shows how cards and decks can be exported and imported in Speech Cards.

Practice describing and categorizing skills with this free deck for Speech Cards. Ten cards are included with categories such as animals, fruit and emotions. The cards feature colorful pictures and audio. Each card has a text prompt with a fill-in-the-blank format, such as “A pig, cow and horse are ___”.

The Categories deck for Speech Cards can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

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