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SpeakColors Review by iAutism


iAutism posted a great review (in Spanish) of SpeakColors in December, 2013. An English version of the review is now available. The review covers both SpeakColorsHD and SpeakColors Español. Thank you iAutism for taking the time to review both apps!

“SpeakColors is much more than an app to learn colors, and provides exercises to learn diverse vocabulary, to work receptive and expressive language, and to practice various basic structures of sentences.”

Below are links to the full review in English and Spanish:

English Review | Spanish Review

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SpeakColors Español Reviewed by Chiquitos bilingües y especiales

Check out the review of SpeakColors Español on Chiquitos bilingües y especiales! Thank you very much Karen for your excellent review and suggestions!

Addressing the suggestions:
“The ability to save a student’s recordings” and “A way to score the students productions either within the app or inputted by therapist”
– Saving a student’s recordings and keeping score are both at the top of the list of new features to add.

“A visual “reward” for student such as collecting a sticker after so many productions”
– We like the idea of having a reward and will consider it for future updates

Click here to read the full review.

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