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WWDC 2014

WWDC 2014

A lot of exciting news from Apple at the WWDC last week! The next version of iOS was announced with many new features. Probably the biggest news was the new programming language, named Swift. iOS 8 will be available to the public in Fall 2014. Until then, I’ll be getting more familiar with iOS 8 and maybe we can use some of its new features in our apps. For more information on iOS 8, please visit

Below are some notes of the upcoming iOS 8.

Family Sharing

  • Up to six people in your family can share purchases from the App Store without sharing accounts.
  • Family purchases can be made with the same credit card.
  • Can approve a child’s spending from a parent’s device.
  • Enable “Ask to Buy” to require your child to get permission before making purchases.

App Bundles

  • A number of new features are coming to the App Store, including the ability for developers to sell bundles of apps at a discount.
  • Maybe we will see a bundle of RWH Technology apps.

HomeKit & HealthKit

  • HomeKit will make it easier for developers to create apps for you to control devices around your house. Devices may include lights, heating, doors, etc.
  • HealthKit is a platform for integrating all your health and fitness data in iOS.
  • Both HomeKit and HealthKit have a lot of potential for helping those with disabilities.


  • Swift is a new, modern programming language for iOS.
  • Includes features to make code more expressive. This gives the programmer more flexibility in design.
  • Is a safer language, so fewer errors and therefore fewer crashes and bugs.
  • The interactive playground will be great for those learning how to program. Students can type code and immediately see results.

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Speech Cards 1.3.0 – New Options for Group Sessions

Speech Cards is great for group speech therapy sessions. Speech Cards supports groups of all sizes and keeps scores for each student. Changing from one student to another is quick and easy. On the iPad version, only two taps are required to change students. However, sometimes you forget to change students and accidentally score the wrong student. We have two exciting new features in Speech Cards version 1.3.0 to help you in your group sessions:

  1. Option to automatically advance to the next student in the list. When swiping or changing to a new card, the app will select the next student. This option is disabled by default.
  2. Option to announce the name of the next student. This option serves as an auditory cue for when it is another student’s turn. To hear the name of the student, you will need to use the microphone on the screen for editing the name of the student. This option is enabled by default.

Both of these new options are accesible from the Options screen.

How to access the Options screen on the iPad version

Speech Cards - iPad - Options

How to access the Options screen on the iPhone/iPod Touch version

Speech Cards - iPhone - Options 1

Speech  Cards - iPhone - Options 2

Options Screen

Speech Cards - Student Options

How to record the name of a student

Use the microphone and play button on the screen for editing the student.
Voice recording of student name

Summary of What’s New in Version 1.3.0

  • Option to automatically advance to the next student.
  • Record the name of the student.
  • Option to announce the next student.
  • Fixed issue with voice recording on iPad with AirPlay Mirroring.
  • Removed “(null)” from the PDF of a Detailed Session Report with no notes.
  • Fixed import issue.


Speech Cards version 1.3.0 is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store:


We think the new options will greatly improve the flow of your group sessions and reduce scoring mistakes. The new options for group sessions were designed with this rule in mind: a new card equals somebody else’s turn. Not everyone uses the same rules. The options can be disabled if they do not suit your needs. Thank you Special Apps, Special Kids for suggesting the option to automatically advance to the next student! We appreciate suggestions from our users. We would love to hear your feedback on this update, particularly on how you use Speech Cards with groups. Reviews on the App Store are greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions.

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iPad AirPlay Screen Mirroring Tutorial

AirPlay is a really cool feature of iOS that allows you to mirror the screen of your iPad or iPhone onto an AppleTV or Mac. AirPlay Mirroring is very useful in classroom settings. It is great for presenting educational material, demonstrations, and games. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enable AirPlay to mirror the screen of your iPad (or iPhone) onto an AppleTV.

Below are the steps to enable/disable AirPlay Mirroring. Please note that the screenshots are from an iPad with iOS 7. The same steps also apply to the iPhone. If you are on iOS 6, the steps are slightly different.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
* Note: On iOS 6, double-press the Home button on the device.

2. The Control Center will appear.
iPad Control Center

3. Press on the AirPlay button.
AirPlay button

4. Press on AppleTV and enable Mirroring to that device. Or press on iPad to disable mirroring.
Enable AirPlay Mirroring

When mirroring is enabled, the screen of your device will appear on the TV. Audio will also play through the TV (or connected speakers).
SpeakColorsHD on TV


What is an AppleTV?

The AppleTV is a small, black device, which connects to the HDMI port of your TV (or projector). In addition to AirPlay mirroring, the device also includes a number of apps for video streaming, such as iTunes Movies, NetFlix and YouTube. Music and photos can also be streamed to the device. It is connected to your network by ethernet cable or WiFi. The price of the AppleTV is $99. Overall, it’s a neat little device that is very useful. You can learn more about it on the Apple web site.


Thank you for reading and have!

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iCloud Tutorial – Learn How to Free Up Space

iCloud is an online data storage service from Apple for storing your photos, music, movies, apps, documents, backups and more. 5 GB of space is included for free for backups. 5 GB may seem like a lot of space, but you will run out if you take a lot of photos or videos. You will receive a warning message that iCloud storage is close to 5 GB and you should delete some backups or purchase extra storage. Additional space starts at $20 per year. Instead of paying for more space, you can easily manage and reduce the amount of space you use. Please continue reading to learn how.

For most people, the largest consumer of space is the Camera Roll. The Camera Roll includes all the photos and videos you take with your iDevice. Disabling the backup of the Camera Roll could save you a significant amount of space. But what about backups of the photos/videos?

Photo Stream, a component of iCloud, automatically saves your photos in an online album for 30 days, and also transfers the photos to your computer. There are no storage space limits with Photo Stream. One caveat is that Photo Stream does not work with videos, so you will need to manually sync your iDevice with iTunes.

The steps below describe how to disable the Camera Roll backup from being stored in iCloud. The screenshots are from an iPhone 5 with iOS 7. However, the steps are applicable to all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches with iOS version 5 and above.

8 Steps to Free Up Space on iCloud

1. Press Settings
iPhone Settings


2. Under Settings, press iCloud.
iCloud Settings


3. Under iCloud, press Storage & Backup.
iCloud Settings


4. Under Storage & Backup, press Manage Storage.
iCloud Storage and Backup


5. Under Manage Storage, press on the name of your device.
iCloud Manage Storage


6. Under Info, press the switch button next to Camera Roll.
iCloud Settings Info


7. Confirm the setting change, by pressing Turn Off & Delete.
iCloud Confirm Settings


8. Done. The Camera Roll will no longer backup to iCloud and therefore save you storage space.
iCloud Camera Roll Disabled


This tutorial described how to free up space on iCloud by disabling the Camera Roll backup. You can follow the same steps to disable the backup of specific apps. Thank you for for reading.

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SpeakColors Español Lite

Veo un pez anaranjado

SpeakColors Español Lite is now available for the iPad on the App Store! In this free download, you will get a sample of the content in the full, PRO version.

Educational Value

SpeakColors is designed for speech therapists or parents working with toddlers with speech and language delays, autism, Down syndrome and other developmental disorders.

This app does much more than just teach colors. Use SpeakColors to improve the following:
– Receptive and expressive vocabulary skills
– Phrase length
– Spoken sentences
– Speech/Articulation skills
– Initiation and choice making skills for colors and objects
– Fluency skills

Try Before You Buy

This Lite version enables you to test drive the app before making a purchasing decision. Included in SpeakColors Español Lite:

– 7 common colors
– 28 colorful photographs of objects
– 2 Types of sentences
– 56 Sentences
– Spanish Voice Recordings
– Spanish Text
– Microphone for your child to record their own voice for practicing the names of colors, food, animals, toys and common objects.

An upgrade to the features of the full, Pro version is available on a separate, parent-oriented screen.


We want our apps to be available to as many people as possible. An iPad with iOS 5.1 or later is required. In other words, the app is supported on the 1st Generation iPad and above. SpeakColors Español Lite is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. The regular price for the Pro upgrade is $6.99 USD. As part of our ASHA 2013 Promotion, the upgrade to the Pro version is only $3.99 USD (November 14 – 16, 2013).


SpeakColors has tremendous educational value. Now you can try the Spanish version for free. For more information, please visit our SpeakColors page.

Thank you for reading! We would love to hear your feedback. Please leave a review on the App Store or send us an email.

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Speech Cards is now iOS 7 Compatible

An update to Speech Cards is now available! This important update makes Speech Cards compatible with iOS 7. It also includes two features suggested by our users to help improve the user experience.

1. iOS 7 Compatible

iOS 7 is the latest version of the iPhone/iPad operating system. iOS 7 features a new, minimalist, flat design. Speech Cards now uses the design style of iOS 7.

Speech Cards - iOS 7

2. Green stop button during audio playback

Speech Cards features the ability to record and playback your voice. While recording, a red button appears for stopping the recording. However, during audio playback, the stop button is also red. This may cause confusion as to whether you are recording or playing the audio.

One of our users suggested a green stop button for audio playback. Speech Cards now has a green stop button during audio playback. Now you know if you are in record-mode or play-mode by the color of the stop button.

Stop Record Button
Stop Record Button

Stop Playback Button
Stop Playback Button

3. Small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field

Speech Cards is designed to be easy to customize so you can create your own cards to suit the needs of your students. We have added a small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field. This speeds up the process of adding new cards. Thank you Special Apps, Special Kids for suggesting this feature.

Erase all text


Speech Cards Lite 1.2 and Speech Cards Professional 1.2 are available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store. This update includes the following:

  • iOS 7 compatible.
  • Green stop button during audio playback.
  • Small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field (in Customization).

Thank you very much to our users for suggesting new features. We greatly appreciate it! Do you have a suggestion for our apps? If so, please contact us.

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How to enable the microphone on iOS 7


iOS 7 has new Privacy Settings, including restrictions on the microphone. When you use the microphone in an app for the first time, the app will ask you for permission to access the microphone. For example you may get a prompt such as:

“SpeakColors Español Pro” Would Like to Access the Microphone.

You are given two choices:
1. Don’t Allow
2. OK

If you selected Don’t Allow, the microphone won’t work and you will need to change the settings.

Please follow these steps to enable the microphone:
1. Press Settings
2. Press Privacy
3. Press Microphone
4. Enable microphone access for for the app:
Microphone Privacy Setting

This issue affects all iPad and iPhone apps that use a microphone, including our apps, SpeakColors and Speech Cards. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

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SpeakColors Español Reviewed by Chiquitos bilingües y especiales

Check out the review of SpeakColors Español on Chiquitos bilingües y especiales! Thank you very much Karen for your excellent review and suggestions!

Addressing the suggestions:
“The ability to save a student’s recordings” and “A way to score the students productions either within the app or inputted by therapist”
– Saving a student’s recordings and keeping score are both at the top of the list of new features to add.

“A visual “reward” for student such as collecting a sticker after so many productions”
– We like the idea of having a reward and will consider it for future updates

Click here to read the full review.

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SpeakColors Español is now iOS 7 Compatible

SpeakColors Español Pro - iOS 7
An update to SpeakColors Español is now available! Changes include:

  • iOS 7 compatible – various parts of the user interface now use the style of iOS 7 (on devices with iOS 7).
  • Corrected the grammar and language used on some screens.
  • Fixed a rotation issue on the Credits screen on iOS 5.1.
  • SpeakColors Español is available for the iPad on the App Store.

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