Speech Cards Tip: Transfer Flashcards

In this tip, you will learn how to transfer flashcards created in Speech Cards, from one iPad to another. Use the steps described in this article to share flashcards with your friends and colleagues. There are two parts to this article:

  • How to E-mail a Flashcard Deck from iPad #1
  • How to Import a Flashcard Deck on iPad #2

The screenshots are from the iPad version, but the steps for the iPhone version are very similar. Click on the screenshots to see a larger, clearer image.

How to E-mail a Flashcard Deck from iPad #1

1. Go to the Customize screen and select a deck from the list on the left.

Speech Cards - Customize Screen

2. Press the email button in the upper-right corner.

Email Button

3. Select E-mail Data.

Speech Cards - Email Choices

4. The Mail app will pop up so you can email the flashcard deck.

Speech Cards - Mail

How to Import a Flashcard Deck on iPad #2

1. Open the email sent from iPad #1.

Open Email with Speech Cards Attachment

2. Press on the cards.scd attachment and select Open in “Speech Cards”.

Speech Cards - Email Attachment

3. The Speech Cards app will pop up, allowing you to import. Choose one of the options to import the deck. Depending on which option you choose, you will have to select an existing deck, type a new deck name or it will just import.

Speech Cards - Import

4. When the import is complete, the home screen is displayed. If you have many flashcard decks, you may need to swipe left or right to see the imported deck.

Speech Cards - Flashcard Deck Imported

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