Speech Cards Tip: Taking Notes

This tip demonstrates how to take notes about a speech therapy session in Speech Cards. The screenshots are from the iPad version, but the steps for the iPhone version are very similar. Click on the screenshots to see a larger, clearer image.

1. Go to the Reports screen. Tap on a record in the Session Summary to show the Detail Session Report screen.

Speech Cards - Reports Screen

2. The Notes area is in the upper-right corner of the Detailed Session Report screen.

Speech Cards - Detailed Session Report

3. Tap in the Notes area to pop up a keyboard. Type your notes. When finished, tap somewhere outside the keyboard to dismiss the keyboard.

Speech Cards - Notes

4. Notes are automatically saved to the report and can be edited any time by tapping in the Notes area.

Speech Cards - Notes Saved

5. A PDF of the Detailed Session Reports, including the notes, can be sent in an e-mail. Press the e-mail button to pop up the Mail app and send the report.

Speech Cards - Email Notes

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