Speech Cards Tip: Save Student Voice Recordings

Speech Cards includes a button to record the voice of your student practicing their speech. The practice voice recordings are saved to the session report and can be listened to later for further review.

This tip demonstrates how to save student voice recordings and then listen to them from a saved report. The screenshots are from the iPad version, but the same steps apply to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

1. During the session, use the microphone button at the bottom of the screen to record the student’s voice.

Speech Cards

2. After the session is complete, a summary of the results is displayed. Press the green, Keep button to save the results, including the audio recordings.

Speech Cards - Session Results

3. Go to the Reports screen and select a student to show a list of Session Summaries.

Speech Cards - Session Summary

4. Tap on a session summary to show the Detailed Session Report.

5. On the Detailed Session Report screen, under the Audio column, are play buttons. Press a play button to listen to the saved voice recording. Please note that if a card does not have a play button, then there are no voice recordings for that particular card.

Speech Cards - Detailed Session Report

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