Speech Cards Tip: Bing Image Search

One of the highlights of Speech Cards is that it is customizable. Did you you know that you can use Bing Image Search to discover and import photos into Speech Cards? Bing Image Search allows you to search through billions of pictures, photos and images from all over the Web. Use Bing Image Search to help you create your own speech and language cards from within Speech Cards. Bing Image Search is available in Speech Cards Professional and Speech Cards Lite with Professional Upgrade.

This tip will demonstrate how to use Bing Image Search from within Speech Cards. The screenshots are from the iPad version, but the same steps apply to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

1. Go to Customize and add or select a card to modify.

2. Tap on the picture or grey square area to pop up a menu. From the popup menu, select Bing Images.

Speech Cards - Photo Popup Menu

3. Type a query into the box and press the Search button. If the search is taking too long, you can cancel, by tapping anywhere on the screen. When Bing is finished searching, the results are displayed. Swipe up or down to view more results.

Speech Cards - Bing Image Search Results

4. Tap on a search result to download. If the download is taking too long, you can cancel, by tapping anywhere on the screen.

5. When the image has downloaded, you can crop the image. Drag your finger across the image to move it. Pinch your fingers together to zoom out. Un-pinch your fingers to zoom in. Press OK when done cropping.

Speech Cards - Bing Image Crop

6. Final image is displayed.

Speech Cards - Bing Final

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