SpeakColorsHD Reviewed by Technology in (SPL) Education

SpeakColorsHD Review on Technology in (SPL) Education

Technology in (SPL) Education gives SpeakColorsHD an overall 4/5 rating. Click here to read the review. Thank you very much Joanna Clancy and Technology in (SPL) Education for your review and the suggestions!

Addressing the Issues/Wishlist:
1. Adding data tracking is on our list of features to add in future updates.
2. There is a locking feature, so you can lock onto the current noun. When enabled, switching between colors will show the same item in the new color. To enable this feature, press the second lock from the right (in the upper-right corner), then select Noun. Having to manually press the lock button does add an extra step. I will see if it is possible to switch to the same item in the new color without having to lock the noun.

On September 12, 2013, we are releasing a Spanish version of the app.

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