How to Reset Audio in SpeakColorsHD

SpeakColorsHD has some features that allow you to customize the app to suit the needs of your child or student. One of these customization features is the ability to replace the pre-recorded default voice, with your own voice. If you decide that you want to restore the original pre-recorded default voice, then please continue reading. This tutorial will show you how to reset the audio in SpeakColorsHD in five steps.

Five Steps

* Note: These steps apply to SpeakColorsHD and SpeakColors Español. Click on the screenshots to see a larger image.

1. From the app’s home screen, press the Customize button.

Press Customize

2. From the Customize screen, find the sentence you wish to restore. For example, “I see a yellow flower”.

3. Press on the carrier phrase, color or noun. For example, press on the large yellow square.

Press the color

4. Press the Reset button (between the green + button and the microphone at the bottom of the screen).

Press Reset

5. Press Reset Audio.

Press Reset Audio

* Repeat the steps for each item (carrier phrase, color or noun) that needs to be reset.


Be confident in recording your own voice as it is easy to undo mistakes. The audio can be reset for the carrier phrases, colors and nouns included with the app. The picture and text for the nouns can also be reset.

The screenshots shown in this tutorial were from SpeakColorsHD. The same steps also apply to the Spanish version, SpeakColors Español.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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