iCloud Tutorial – Learn How to Free Up Space

iCloud is an online data storage service from Apple for storing your photos, music, movies, apps, documents, backups and more. 5 GB of space is included for free for backups. 5 GB may seem like a lot of space, but you will run out if you take a lot of photos or videos. You will receive a warning message that iCloud storage is close to 5 GB and you should delete some backups or purchase extra storage. Additional space starts at $20 per year. Instead of paying for more space, you can easily manage and reduce the amount of space you use. Please continue reading to learn how.

For most people, the largest consumer of space is the Camera Roll. The Camera Roll includes all the photos and videos you take with your iDevice. Disabling the backup of the Camera Roll could save you a significant amount of space. But what about backups of the photos/videos?

Photo Stream, a component of iCloud, automatically saves your photos in an online album for 30 days, and also transfers the photos to your computer. There are no storage space limits with Photo Stream. One caveat is that Photo Stream does not work with videos, so you will need to manually sync your iDevice with iTunes.

The steps below describe how to disable the Camera Roll backup from being stored in iCloud. The screenshots are from an iPhone 5 with iOS 7. However, the steps are applicable to all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches with iOS version 5 and above.

8 Steps to Free Up Space on iCloud

1. Press Settings
iPhone Settings


2. Under Settings, press iCloud.
iCloud Settings


3. Under iCloud, press Storage & Backup.
iCloud Settings


4. Under Storage & Backup, press Manage Storage.
iCloud Storage and Backup


5. Under Manage Storage, press on the name of your device.
iCloud Manage Storage


6. Under Info, press the switch button next to Camera Roll.
iCloud Settings Info


7. Confirm the setting change, by pressing Turn Off & Delete.
iCloud Confirm Settings


8. Done. The Camera Roll will no longer backup to iCloud and therefore save you storage space.
iCloud Camera Roll Disabled


This tutorial described how to free up space on iCloud by disabling the Camera Roll backup. You can follow the same steps to disable the backup of specific apps. Thank you for for reading.

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