Email or Print Heart Rate Report in Beat Tracker

This article describes how to email or print your heart rate reports in the Beat Tracker app.

First, confirm that your heart rate data is loading into the app. The reports should contain an “Average Heart Rate” and recordings every hour.

Beat Tracker has two requirements to load your data:

  1. You have an Apple Watch, or other device, that is recording your heart rate.
  2. Beat Tracker has permission to read your heart rate data.

To check if Beat Tracker has permission to read your heart rate data, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and press on “Health”.
  3. Press “Data Access & Devices”.
  4. Press “Beat Tracker”.
  5. Under “Allow Beat Tracker to Read Data”, press the toggle button to allow access.
Beat Tracker Health Settings

After giving Beat Tracker permission, you can follow these steps to email or print reports:

  1. Select a report
  2. Press the orange “Share” button.
  3. Press “Share Table”.
  4. Press “Mail” or “Print” as shown in the image below.

* Note: An AirPrint capable printer is required to Print.

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