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SpeakColorsHD Review by SpeechBlogUK

Check out SpeechBlogUK for a review of SpeakColorsHD.

Elizabeth (SpeechBlogUK) writes:
“This app is designed for increasing vocabulary skills, phrase length and receptive and expressive language. I have found it useful for all these things and more! It is a very versatile app and is very easy to customise and use.”

Click here to read the full review and learn some practical uses for SpeakColorsHD in speech therapy.

Thank you Elizabeth for the review!

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Apps for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Apraxia Awareness Day

May 14 is Apraxia Awareness Day! Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have difficulty saying sounds, syllables and words because their brain cannot coordinate the necessary muscle movements. Through speech therapy, children with apraxia can improve their speech and become more intelligible.

Speech therapy sessions for children with CAS tend to be frequent, intensive, and progress can be slow (but there is progress). RWH Technology offers two apps that are suitable for helping children with apraxia. Speak Colors and Speech Cards provide dynamic learning experiences. Both apps include photographs of real objects, voice recordings, and a microphone for the child to record/listen to their own voice. Speak Colors focuses on receptive & expressive language, phrase length and articulation. Speech Cards is a very customizable flashcards app that can be used for vocabulary, articulation and much more.


SpeakColorsHD 2.1.0


Today, we are happy to announce that an update to SpeakColorsHD is now available for download! Use this iPad app to help toddlers increase their vocabulary skills, phrase length, and receptive and expressive language. This version 2.1.0 update includes a few changes.

First, we added one additional sentence template (This is a __ __). The additional sentence template brings the total number of sentences in the app to 1298!

Second, the customization features have been improved. You can now crop imported images.

Third, the stability of the app has been improved by using Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), which is a memory management feature of iOS.

SpeakColorsHD 2.1.0 is available for the iPad on the App Store

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Welcome Ana Paula!

I’m pleased to announce that Ana Paula Mumy has joined the RWH Technology team to help us develop a Spanish version of Speak Colors. We are very happy to have her join us. She is a tri-lingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese) speech-language pathologist with many years of experience. Her web site, The Speech Stop, has lots of great materials and resources. Also, be sure to check out her YouTube videos. Welcome Ana Paula!

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SpeakColorsHD Tutorial – Part 1

This is a tutorial for the SpeakColorsHD app. SpeakColorsHD uses colors and photos of objects to help children improve their speech and language skills. SpeakColorsHD is available for the iPad in the App Store. In this tutorial you will learn about the basic functionality of the app. A future tutorial will show how to customize.


Press on the large colored square or photo to hear a voice recording of the color or object. For example, when the large yellow square is pressed a voice recording will say “yellow”. When the photo of the flower is pressed, a voice recording will say “flower”.

Practice speaking At the bottom of the screen is a microphone to record your student practicing their speech.

Listen to Practice RecordingsTo the right of the microphone is a button for playing back the student’s practice recording. Please note that the play button is hidden until a recording is made with the microphone.

Navigate to other photos by swiping left or right on the screen or by pressing the left or right arrow buttons.


SpeakColorsHD includes 9 sentence types to choose from. Press on the white button in the upper-left to reveal the choices. Press on a choice to select it.


7 Colors are included. Press the colored-squares along the top of the screen to work on sentences with that color.

Thank you for reading. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for some additional information. Contact Us if you have any questions.

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SpeakColors HD Review by Consonantly Speaking

SpeakColors HD Review by Consonantly Speaking

Consonantly Speaking has a review of SpeakColors HD. The review describes in detail how to use the app and also how to use SpeakColorsHD in therapy.

At the bottom of the review is a giveaway to win a copy of the app.

Read the full review here.

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Updated Review of SpeakColorsHD on iHeartThisApp has updated their review of SpeakColorsHD! Below is a small snippet from the review:

SpeakColors is affordable, only requires 18.5 MB of storage, startling when you consider all the functionality of this app, and the developers did a fantastic job of listening to and applying customer feedback in the new update.

Thank you iHeartThisApp! Please check out the entire review here!

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SpeakColors 1.3 Released

An update for the LITE version of SpeakColors is now available. In this update, the default voice has been replaced with a nicer, female voice. Please note that the update may take up to 24 hours to become available world wide. SpeakColors 1.3 is available for the iPad for FREE.

If you like the LITE version of SpeakColors, then you might also like the premium version, SpeakColorsHD. SpeakColorsHD includes 9 types of sentences, the ability to import your own photos and more. SpeakColorsHD is available for the iPad for $2.99 USD.

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