Speech Cards is now iOS 7 Compatible

An update to Speech Cards is now available! This important update makes Speech Cards compatible with iOS 7. It also includes two features suggested by our users to help improve the user experience.

1. iOS 7 Compatible

iOS 7 is the latest version of the iPhone/iPad operating system. iOS 7 features a new, minimalist, flat design. Speech Cards now uses the design style of iOS 7.

Speech Cards - iOS 7

2. Green stop button during audio playback

Speech Cards features the ability to record and playback your voice. While recording, a red button appears for stopping the recording. However, during audio playback, the stop button is also red. This may cause confusion as to whether you are recording or playing the audio.

One of our users suggested a green stop button for audio playback. Speech Cards now has a green stop button during audio playback. Now you know if you are in record-mode or play-mode by the color of the stop button.

Stop Record Button
Stop Record Button

Stop Playback Button
Stop Playback Button

3. Small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field

Speech Cards is designed to be easy to customize so you can create your own cards to suit the needs of your students. We have added a small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field. This speeds up the process of adding new cards. Thank you Special Apps, Special Kids for suggesting this feature.

Erase all text


Speech Cards Lite 1.2 and Speech Cards Professional 1.2 are available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the App Store. This update includes the following:

  • iOS 7 compatible.
  • Green stop button during audio playback.
  • Small “x” to erase the contents of a card’s text field (in Customization).

Thank you very much to our users for suggesting new features. We greatly appreciate it! Do you have a suggestion for our apps? If so, please contact us.

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How to enable the microphone on iOS 7


iOS 7 has new Privacy Settings, including restrictions on the microphone. When you use the microphone in an app for the first time, the app will ask you for permission to access the microphone. For example you may get a prompt such as:

“SpeakColors Español Pro” Would Like to Access the Microphone.

You are given two choices:
1. Don’t Allow
2. OK

If you selected Don’t Allow, the microphone won’t work and you will need to change the settings.

Please follow these steps to enable the microphone:
1. Press Settings
2. Press Privacy
3. Press Microphone
4. Enable microphone access for for the app:
Microphone Privacy Setting

This issue affects all iPad and iPhone apps that use a microphone, including our apps, SpeakColors and Speech Cards. If you have any questions, please contact us. Thank you.

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How to Reset Audio in SpeakColorsHD

SpeakColorsHD has some features that allow you to customize the app to suit the needs of your child or student. One of these customization features is the ability to replace the pre-recorded default voice, with your own voice. If you decide that you want to restore the original pre-recorded default voice, then please continue reading. This tutorial will show you how to reset the audio in SpeakColorsHD in five steps.

Five Steps

* Note: These steps apply to SpeakColorsHD and SpeakColors Español. Click on the screenshots to see a larger image.

1. From the app’s home screen, press the Customize button.

Press Customize

2. From the Customize screen, find the sentence you wish to restore. For example, “I see a yellow flower”.

3. Press on the carrier phrase, color or noun. For example, press on the large yellow square.

Press the color

4. Press the Reset button (between the green + button and the microphone at the bottom of the screen).

Press Reset

5. Press Reset Audio.

Press Reset Audio

* Repeat the steps for each item (carrier phrase, color or noun) that needs to be reset.


Be confident in recording your own voice as it is easy to undo mistakes. The audio can be reset for the carrier phrases, colors and nouns included with the app. The picture and text for the nouns can also be reset.

The screenshots shown in this tutorial were from SpeakColorsHD. The same steps also apply to the Spanish version, SpeakColors Español.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.

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SpeakColors Español Reviewed by Chiquitos bilingües y especiales

Check out the review of SpeakColors Español on Chiquitos bilingües y especiales! Thank you very much Karen for your excellent review and suggestions!

Addressing the suggestions:
“The ability to save a student’s recordings” and “A way to score the students productions either within the app or inputted by therapist”
– Saving a student’s recordings and keeping score are both at the top of the list of new features to add.

“A visual “reward” for student such as collecting a sticker after so many productions”
– We like the idea of having a reward and will consider it for future updates

Click here to read the full review.

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SpeakColors Español is now iOS 7 Compatible

SpeakColors Español Pro - iOS 7
An update to SpeakColors Español is now available! Changes include:

  • iOS 7 compatible – various parts of the user interface now use the style of iOS 7 (on devices with iOS 7).
  • Corrected the grammar and language used on some screens.
  • Fixed a rotation issue on the Credits screen on iOS 5.1.
  • SpeakColors Español is available for the iPad on the App Store.

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Spanish Version of Speech Therapy App Now Available for the iPad

SpeakColors Español - Available on the App Store
I’m very happy to announce that we just released the Spanish version of our SpeakColors app for the iPad! Use SpeakColors Español to help children increase vocabulary, phrase length, receptive and expressive language, and fluency skills. It is also great for bilingual children.

There are a few people I would like to thank that helped make this app possible. First, I would like to thank my wife, Tiffany, for the idea of SpeakColors and for all her love and support. A big thank you to Ana Paula G. Mumy, for providing her voice for the app and translating English to Spanish. I would also like to thank my friend Alvil Tayco for his ideas and advice on social media marketing.

SpeakColors Español is available on the App Store. We would love to hear your feedback. Please leave a review on the App Store or send us an email.

Robert Harrison
Owner/Software Developer
RWH Technology

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SpeakColorsHD Reviewed by Technology in (SPL) Education

SpeakColorsHD Review on Technology in (SPL) Education

Technology in (SPL) Education gives SpeakColorsHD an overall 4/5 rating. Click here to read the review. Thank you very much Joanna Clancy and Technology in (SPL) Education for your review and the suggestions!

Addressing the Issues/Wishlist:
1. Adding data tracking is on our list of features to add in future updates.
2. There is a locking feature, so you can lock onto the current noun. When enabled, switching between colors will show the same item in the new color. To enable this feature, press the second lock from the right (in the upper-right corner), then select Noun. Having to manually press the lock button does add an extra step. I will see if it is possible to switch to the same item in the new color without having to lock the noun.

On September 12, 2013, we are releasing a Spanish version of the app.

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SpeakColors Español

SpeakColors Español

We are very excited to introduce SpeakColors Español for the iPad! This new app is the Spanish version of our popular speech therapy app, SpeakColorsHD.

SpeakColors Español will be released world-wide on Thursday, September 12, 2013. Continue reading to learn more about SpeakColors Español.

*** Update 09/12/2013 ***
SpeakColors Español is now available on the App Store.

Educational Value

SpeakColors Español is more than a colors app and teaches valuable speech and language skills. SpeakColors Español can be used to improve the following:

  • Receptive and expressive vocabulary skills
  • Phrase length
  • Spoken sentences
  • Speech/Articulation skills
  • Fluency skills
  • Initiation and choice making skills for colors and objects

SpeakColors Español includes a huge amount of content. There are a total of 1175 sentences included in the app. There are 19 sentence types (including masculine and feminine forms) to provide new challenges as your child progresses.

Clean, Minimalist Design

The first thing you will notice when starting a session in SpeakColors Español, is the clean, minimalist design. During a speech therapy session, the focus should be on the learning. The clean design of the app helps minimize distractions.

The app is easy to use and child-friendly. Pick a color from the top of the screen. Pick a sentence type from the menu in the upper-left of the screen. Press on the text, color or object in the middle of the screen to hear a voice recording. Use the microphone to practice speaking and then playback to get immediate feedback. Swipe left or swipe right (or use arrow buttons) to change objects.

Professional Voice

Voice quality is very important in an app such as this. The sounds and words need to be properly modeled for the child to imitate. We are very happy to have Ana Paula G. Mumy, a trilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, provide her voice for the app. She has worked with children and adults in a variety of settings, specializing in articulation strategies, language and literacy, and bilingual issues. She has developed many therapy tools for both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking children of all ages. We think she has done an outstanding job on SpeakColors Español. Be sure to check out her web site at http://www.thespeechstop.com for resources for SLPs, educators and parents.

Real Photos

SpeakColors Español uses high quality photos of real food, animals, toys and common objects. 200 photos are included in the app. You can import photos from your Photo Library or use the built in camera to take photos.


Each child has different goals. The customization options in SpeakColors Español helps you tailor the app to the needs of your child. Add new nouns, import photos and use the microphone to record your own voice. Customization can be a fun, educational activity to do with your child.


SpeakColors Español will be available for the iPad on Thursday, September 12, 2013 for $6.99 USD.

Here are five great reasons to love SpeakColors Español:

  1. Huge Educational Value
  2. Professional Spanish Voice
  3. Clean, minimalist, child-friendly design
  4. Photos of real animals, food, and toys
  5. Customizable to suit the goals of your child

This is a great app for bilingualism. We think Spanish-English speaking SLPs, teachers, parents and children will greatly benefit from SpeakColors Español. At the bottom of this post are some screenshots. For more information, please visit our SpeakColors web page or contact us.

Thank you for reading! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us; we would love to hear from you.


SpeakColors Español Screenshots (click to view larger image)

    avión amarillo     Choose Template    
    Como una fresa roja     Customize    

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Appy Back2School

Back To School

RWH Technology is proud to be a sponsor of Appy Back2School, hosted by the Appy Mall. The Appy Mall is a great resource for discovering educational apps for kids.

For Appy Back2School, SpeakColorsHD is on sale for $1.99 USD (regular price $3.99 USD). SpeakColorsHD is an iPad app designed to help young children improve their receptive and expressive vocabulary skills, increase phrase length, improve articulation skills, and more. We have been working on a Spanish version and next month we will release SpeakColors Español. Click here to learn more.

Speech Cards Pro is on sale for $6.99 USD (regular price $9.99 USD). Speech Cards is a customizable flashcards app for creating your own vocabulary, articulation, and other types of cards. It features data tracking for keeping scores of your students. It also has the ability to export/import cards, so you can share with your friends and colleagues. Speech Cards is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Click here to learn more.

Our Back2School sale prices are effective August 23 – 25, 2013.

There are many good deals to be found in the Appy Back2School Store, so check it out. Also, keep an eye out for a SpeakColorsHD giveaway on the Appy Mall Facebook page.

SpeakColorsHD - Available on the App Store
$3.99 $1.99
Speech Cards Pro - Available on the App Store
$9.99 $6.99

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Speech Cards 1.1.3 Released

Speech Cards version 1.1.3 is now available for download. This important update fixes a scrolling issue when swiping near the bottom of some screens. The affected screens would not scroll when swiped near the bottom. The following screens were affected:
– Student Selector (iPad)
– End Session
– Summary Report
– Detail Report
Version 1.1.3 fixes this issue. Speech Cards Lite 1.1.3 and Speech Cards Pro 1.1.3 are available on the App Store:
Speech Cards Lite
Speech Cards Professional

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