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Since the first release of Speech Cards last fall, we have had many requests to add the ability to import photos from Google Images or Bing Images. We are very happy to announce that the next update (version 1.1.1) will include Bing Image Search. Access to millions of images will give you the ability to create any card you can imagine! We plan to release the update next week, pending approval by Apple.

Why Bing? Both Bing and Google provide APIs that give excellent search results. Google allows 100 free searches per day, while Bing allows 5000 free searches per month. After the free search allotment is used up, access to the search results are either cut off or a fee must be paid. Based on our user count, we determined that Bing had the best rate for us.

Other changes/fixes are included in this update.

While at CSHA 2013, we noticed many people would press the previous or next buttons many times once the first or last card had been reached. Once you are at the beginning or end of the card list, it is no longer necessary to press the previous or next buttons. To provide a visual cue that you have reached the beginning or end of the card list, the PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons are hidden.

Since version 1.1.0, Speech Cards has been compatible with the iPhone. Through more rigorous testing, we found some issues on iPhones with iOS 5. Version 1.1.1 also includes:

  • Fixed issues in the Reports and Customize screens that could cause the app to crash on iPhones with iOS 5.
  • Fixed screen rotation issues on the “Card List”, “Students In Session”, and “Store” screens on iPhones with iOS 5.

We would like to thank all our customers for purchasing Speech Cards. Thank you for suggesting Bing Image Search. We hope this new feature helps you to create new and exciting cards! We highly value suggestions and comments from our customers because we want to make our apps help people improve their speech and language skills as much as possible. Do you have a suggestion for Speech Cards? If so, please leave a comment or send us an email.

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