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Speech Cards Professional Released

Speech Cards Professional

Speech Cards Professional is now available for the iPad! Speech Cards is a customizable flashcards app for improving speech and language skills. You can use this app for articulation cards, first words, categories and sight words, learning a second language and more. Track the progression of your students using the integrating scoring and reporting system. Create and share cards with your friends and colleagues. Speech Cards Professional is available for the iPad at the introductory price of only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies).

Learn more about Speech Cards Professional

Purchase Speech Cards Professional

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We are excited to announce our latest upcoming app, SpeechCards. SpeechChards is a flashcards app designed for improving speech and language skills. This app features customizable categories, text, images and audio. Practice speaking using the microphone and then listen to your own voice. Scoring and reporting are included to track the progress of your students. Share your creations with friends and colleagues.

SpeechCards will be available for the iPad. We will offer three versions of SpeechCards: “Lite”, “Pro” and “Ultimate”. We are planning to release SpeechCards “Pro” by mid-September. “Lite” and “Ultimate” versions will follow.

Click here to read more about the features and see screenshots of SpeechCards.

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Web Site Re-Design

Welcome to the re-designed RWH Technology web site! The previous design served us and our customers well for over a year, however it was time for a change. Some limitations of the previous design were hindering our ability to provide information about our company and apps. These limitations are listed as follows:

  • Site did not scale well to mobile phones. For example, on an iPhone, the text was very small, unless you zoomed in.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was not great for the entire site. SEO refers to how visible the web site is in the search results from a search engine (Google, Bing, etc).
  • No central “Home Page”. In the previous design, would redirect to This would not be acceptable if we were to add more apps.
  • Disorganized Categories and Tags in the blog, making it difficult to find things.
  • No site-wide search. Search was limited to the blog.

The new design addresses all of the limitations of the previous design.

  • The new design uses responsive design, which means that the text, images and layout scales much better from mobile phones, to tablets, to desktop screens.
  • The entire web site is now running within the blogging engine “WordPress”. This should help the search engines index the web site and improve our SEO.
  • We now have a central home page at No more re-direct!
  • Cleaned up the Categories and Tags in the Blog.
  • Since the whole site runs within WordPress, we now have site-wide Search

There are still a few minor quirks to the new design and we are working on getting those fixed.

I hope you like the new design. These changes will allow us to provide you with better information about us and our apps. Thank you for reading.

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